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AAPI Research Coalition (ARC): Multiracial Network to ACPA


An Open Letter to the ACPA Community

Dear ACPA Community:

The Multiracial Network (MRN), one of five networks in the Standing Committee for Multicultural Affairs, strives to help create and foster inclusive spaces within…

Via AAPI Research Coalition (ARC)
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: Steubenville's Jane Doe asked people to do something...


I’ve never asked anyone to reblog anything before, and I probably won’t again. But I am now - because this matters.

The Steubenville rape victim, when offered money for her legal expenses or counselling, asked that people donated to a shelter for abused women and children in her county, Madden…

2 years ago

I feel like

I’m on the verge of something. Excited to see how this all turns out.

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Jerry Brito: Top ten myths about introverts


Myth #1 – Introverts don’t like to talk.
This is not true. Introverts just don’t talk unless they have something to say. They hate small talk. Get an introvert talking about something they are interested in, and they won’t shut up for days.

Myth #2 – Introverts are shy.
Shyness has nothing to…

(Source: carlkingcreative.com)

Via Jerry Brito
2 years ago

I always appreciate good covers,

which seem harder to come by, these days

3 years ago

TV shows

I realized that in my time abroad I always get exposed to new American TV shows that I didn’t watch while in the states.

While in New Zealand, during mealtime I would watch Lost (never completely understood it) and Chuck…and I’m sure there are a few others, but I can’t call them to mind at the moment.

Yesterday night, I watched the season finale of Castle. Just about their whole family watches it. It was really intense and emotional (I saw it two more times because not everyone was home to see it the first, or even the second time, and I still got emotional). [Side note - the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy (I forget which season) still reigns as the best season finale I’ve ever seen.] Then this morning, I also saw an episode of Blue Bloods, another series that their family is a fan of. Not all shows are aired up to date, so they’re able to download the latest episodes online, and watch on their TV via USB.

Then of course there are the shows that we both watch. Specifically…Glee and American Idol. American Idol is down to the last 3 people. Boo Haley. Oops, I’m a hater. Oh well.

3 years ago

"Your hair is so Hollywood, you look like Reese Witherspoon"

my hair stylist said to me after I got my haircut. Don’t quite agree, but I’ll take it! I was able to get a haircut a couple of days ago (magpagupit) and it’s soo much later. I’ve been needing one for a while but it made sense to just wait until I got here since it’s so much cheaper.

It’s been super hot (I’d take 3 showers a day if I had brought more clothes), though that night was a bit cooler and Ate Ceres, who also got a haircut, and I walked back home from Azta.

What else since Thor…

I went with Tita Lory and Phoebe to their new house in Laguna. It is so pretty! Many rooms and big open spaces. There’s also a huge garden where they’re growing so many types of vegetables (my mom will be so jealous when she sees it in November/December…she loves gardening). Some of the vegetables I’d never seen before in plant form..before they hit the grocery store, including cauliflower and broccoli…and I’m sure there are some others. I didn’t take any pictures because I’ll most likely go back and so I’ll take pictures then.

Before we got to the house, we picked up Sophie (Kuya Pipo’s daughter) and she stayed with us in the house.

The next day we visited Nanay Coring, who I always look forward to seeing. Afterwards, we drove out by the lake, which had a stunning view as well.

I got to meet a couple of Ate Ceres’ friends, Danielle and Isel. Danielle is nearing thirty and with the help of friends and co-workers, is going on 30 first (blind) dates before she turns 30. I believe she has about 6 months or so left….and this night would be her 4th date. I think that it’s a really interesting concept and I’m sure she’ll get a lot of experience. I should say that it’s more of a life experience thing, rather than necessarily finding “the one,” and those who agree to go on a date with her know this beforehand. Ate Ceres, Ate Krisa, and Louella went to Danielle and Isel’s apartment as Danielle tried to figure out what to wear. After a while we were on our way to Greenbelt, where Danielle would meet her next date. We waited at Fish & Co for her date to arrive. When he got there, they left to eat at another restaurant and the rest of us ate dinner. I split Fish and Chips with Ate Krisa. Yum! Afterwards we went to Chili’s to…chill :)

Sunday was Mother’s Day, so after church we went to Ariake, a Japanese restaurant. They had a radio on and after a few minutes we heard them announce Pacquiao had won his fight! Anyway, I guess I had always thought I was okay with eating anything, but am now realizing I’m not so adventurous when it comes to food…

I eat balut, and I didn’t mind sisig…but then they were describing isaw and chicharon bulaklak to me and I felt sick. They say it’s reallyyyyy good, and so I think I’ll try it…They also told me about Soup number 5…which has bull balls. Ate Ceres says it’s good…but I will probably pass on that one.

After Ariake, we stopped by Happy Lemon, which they raved about since I arrived. They have a bunch of different drinks, and I had the Rock Salt Cheese Green Tea drink. Yum!! I’ll have to go back there and try some of their other stuff too.

That day it was raining HARD and we also needed to go to Tita Baby’s house to see her and Lola Nanay, who was waiting to see me, and is so excited to visit the states again that she’s already packed her stuff! But anyway, we set out to go to Paranaque and the traffic was HORRIBLE. It took us about two hours to get there when it should’ve taken way less time. Some streets were flooded and traffic stood still in some parts. By the time we reached the house I felt pretty sick, almost the way I do after the windy ride to Baguio from Manila, which almost always ends with me puking upon arrival (tmi?). But I kept it together and was so happy to see Tita Baby and Tito Joe, Lola Nanay (who was really spritely), and Kuya Clarence and the rest of his family. Bea is taller than me! AH. And she’s only 14 or 15 I think…

Today, I met some relatives for the first time. Tito Manny (dad’s brother), and his wife, wife’s sister, and kids - two daughters. Tito Manny first called the house yesterday, saying that he’d gotten my number from my dad and that they would be driving through and would like to meet me. They were calling from a mobile phone so the connection cut out a couple of times, but the next day they called back and they spoke to Tita Lory. She suggested we meet at Starbucks at Tri Noma. So Tita and Lory and I made it to Starbucks but didn’t see them there. We had some trouble calling their cell, but eventually got through. Apparently there were 4 Starbucks at the mall and they were at a different one. We asked directions from the barista and started walking on our way.

It was a weird, surreal feeling as I knew we were getting close to my uncle. I saw him and recognized him instantly. He looked similar to my dad, but more like Tito Bong, with a longer face and taller frame. I didn’t realize so many of them were there and after some introductions Tita asked me where I wanted to each lunch. Wherever…. “say ‘kahit ano’ ” they told me. Kahit ano. So we went to Jollibee, the quintessential Filipino fast food restaurant. They ordered two bucks of chicken, original and barbecue. Apparently barbecue is a new flavor they are trying out, the first bite actually tasted like beef jerky, but it was really good. Masarap! I’m sure I’ll be making another Jollibee trip soon. I was actually pretty sad when it was time to say goodbye, it was so nice to meet them and talk with them. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later that I see them again.

3 years ago

I’m here, and it’s HOT!

So unfortunately the planes didn’t have individual screens for each passenger, so I wasn’t able to watch my money’s worth of movies…but that’s okay. Was able to pass the time with sleeping, looking at my Tagalog book, and some kindle-ing.

When I got into Minneapolis, my lack of sleep caught up to me. It didn’t help that my layover was 5 hours. I tried to sleep but it didn’t really happen and I probably walked in their “mall” area about 5 times to keep myself awake. They did have some picture-worthy items though…a piano and a big snoopy statue!

I kind of freaked out when I got to Japan because I was sitting in the long security line to go to international flights and it was already 5:20 and boarding for my flight started at 5:35. It was fine though cuz I saw other people making the same flight. Got through the line and it was maybe 15 minutes until it was time to board.

The flight from Tokyo-Narita was about 4 hours. They played “The King’s Speech” which I might’ve wanted to watch but I needed to pass out. Then they played the most recent Chronicles of Narnia movie, and I watched part of that but of course the flight ended before the end. Maybe I got halfway through. I’ll have to watch the rest of it at some point.

I was so happy to finally arrive and it was a bit of a wait to get through immigration, and then I didn’t know which way to go to get picked up, but Ate Ceres was able to find me by the time I got to the “Bay” area. It seemed like almost impossible feat considering the huge crowd of people…

Apparently she and David had gone to the wrong airport at first (Terminal 1 or 2?) and hadn’t been to this one since 1999!

I was glad to have gotten in late, because even though it was hot, it wasn’t as hot as it would have been around noon…because I remember arriving before at that time and it being ridiculous.

But anyways, arrived at their house and saw everyone! Fed me a bit and then time to pass out. I’m staying in Ate Ceres’ and Ate Krisa’s room. I’ll have to post a picture of their cats, George and Luin (sp?). George is a new addition since we last visited :)

Yesterday I woke up around 12:30 I think, then in the afternoon got a sim card for my phone and exchanged some money. Also bought a Tagalog phrase book and a small English-Tagalog Tagalog-English dictionary. (I’m having a hard time trying to get over my self-consciousness of my American accent -_-, so my mission is off to a slow start..)

Later we caught a showing of “Thor.” I didn’t know what to expect from the movie but it was pretty good!!

Ok it’s too hot to think…

3 years ago


2:27am…about an hour and a half til we head for the airport. Might as well stay up! I’ll sleep in the car and on the plane.

I’m so excited to go back and see all my relatives, and hopefully visit a few places that I haven’t seen yet (for the most part we stick to places very closeby wherever our relatives live)! I am a bit bummed though, since this is the first time that I will be going to the Philippines alone - it’s always been mom, dad, Kuya BJ and Richie. Oh real life and work schedules…

My number one goal for this trip is to learn Tagalog, not necessarily to be fluent, but to at least be functional and not completely clueless. I bought a “Learn Tagalog” book online last summer but didn’t really dig into it until this past month, and even then, I’m only about a third of the way through. There’s so much material! Once I finish I think it might be the equivalent of taking Tagalog 101 and 102. There is a second book, which might be considered Intermediate Tagalog. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can, using VERY basic sentences with my parents. It’s a slow-go and really frustrating at times, but I’ll get there. I’ll have to tell my relatives not to use English with me. I’ll have to work on trying to imitate the accent too…which I’m pretty bad at so far.

While most people in the Philippines know English, not everyone does. I remember on one trip trying to say something to my grandma in English…then an attempt in Tagalog…and completely failing. She couldn’t understand me, and my parents had to translate for us. How many people can say that they can’t have a conversation with their grandparent? Sure, there’s nonverbal communication…but that’s just not the same. So, I must work hard…and be confident! I can do it I can do it I can do it!!!

Anyways, I also fully intend to get the most value out of my overseas flight by keeping sleeping at a minimum and watching as many movies on the plane as possible. (Is that weird logic?). 

And I suppose that this post wouldn’t be complete with mentioning the news that broke today. As we were waiting to see who would be fired from Celebrity Apprentice, Brian Williams announced that Osama bin Laden was dead. It was kind of surreal, since this is news that people have waited to hear for almost 10 years. It makes me a little uneasy about travelling, but I know it’ll be okay.

I’ll try to blog and post pictures as often as possible!! Wahoo!!!

Attempting 40 minutes of sleep now… z_z

3 years ago

Casting of the Hunger Games

So I recently finished the Hunger Games trilogy (I don’t know if I’ve EVER read anything so quickly!) and this whole time couldn’t help but think that it all sounded like a movie. I wasn’t sure if maybe I had heard some comment about it on some entertainment show and so maybe the whole movie thing came to me subconsciously, but sure enough, when I googled “Hunger Games movie” I found that a movie was in the works. Specifically, they’re in the casting phase, which in and of itself has caused a bit of a stir. As usual you find the comments that people don’t think the certain actress/actor can pull of the role/will embody the character to any degree of quality that will do justice to the book (does any movie ever?). But there is also another layer of conversation happening that I probably would have ignored were it not for my ongoing interest (confusion) about race and ethnicity in America. 

Because there’s too much to synthesize (or I’m too lazy), here are the articles that I’ve checked out:







I’m curious if these conversations about the characters’ races happened when the books originally came out, before talks of the movie and casting decisions…I’ll investigate later. If people can interpret the text how they want, and there were no movie, there probably would be no uproar since everyone could just think what they wanted. When there’s no descriptor beyond long dark hair and olive skin, an argument could be made for a number of races/ethnicities. These possibilities could all exist simultaneously. Not necessarily in harmony, but everyone had the space to make their argument.

This becomes a problem when the book becomes movie - when you have ONE choice for each role. The actors become the character. Anyone who reads the books after seeing the movie, will (probably) envision the characters as they saw in the movie…anyone who raises question of the races of the characters will be able to “settle” their questions by thinking back to the movie, defaulting to Katniss as Caucasian…

I think there are so many issues at play here that I’m sure I’ll return to this topic, but for now, at least wanted to get this out there.